September 30, 2001

WWI Ruins (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Since I began working with the Nude this year, I have spent almost no time imaging other subjects; the line of thought is that forts and inanimate objects will be around when I am without models, but the models may not be there next week. For right or wrong, most of my effort over the summer has gone into continuing my explorations of the Nude. This rule stood me in good stead when the day of no models and great weather dawned.
8"x10" film
On this particular Sunday, the weather was perfect, the light was rich and directional, and nary a nude model was to be found. Rather than waste the day, I set off with a friend to continue my exploration of the Halifax Defence Complex. I have photographed these spaces since 1990, but still find more to focus upon, no matter how many times I return.
8"x10" film
Working with the 8"x10" and such a static subject (after all, even the most accommodating models run out of patience) was a real treat. The precision of the 8"x10" Toyo's adjustments can only really be appreciated when there's time to use them, and with every image I made, I did just that
8"x10" film
The most successful image of the day is also one of the most amusing (to my eyes). Though the forts I photograph were all once armed with cannons and guns, almost all are stripped of their armaments. With this fort, however, one of the guns remains emplaced, pointing through the trees towards the harbour it once defended. Long seen as the most typical extension of the male appendage, I found it most amusing to make this image of a very "female" phallic symbol.

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