September 18, 2001

Miranda and Trav Model Together (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

When I first met up with Trav and Miranda, their primary interest was in modeling for me was as a couple. Fate and circumstances dictated otherwise, but finally we managed to co-ordinate our schedules (with 3 people, this is no easy feat) and come together for the purpose of imaging intimacy.
35mm film
For two years, my indoor, available light set-up has been the same; white sheets on a bed, and white sheets pinned up over the windows, diffusing the light. I discovered this combinations when I was working on the Thalamus series, and became so enamoured with it that I have not modified it much since. It is actually quite astonishing the transformation these simple white draperies make upon our tiny bedroom.
4"x5" film
 With my indoor images, in stark contrast to most of my outdoor work, I crop the body with the camera. This is partially a response to how small a room I have to work in, and partially because the images are less about the room, and more about the particular body-area. While I did work with Bili and Joe in August, that work was all outdoors, and I did not have a chance to do work of this kind during their visit. With Trav and Miranda, I think that I was reveling in the interplay between them. and preferred to keep a tight focus on that which was drawing me in, as opposed to pull back and give a more holistic view of the two.
4"x5" film
Almost every image I made was Miranda and Trav was of hands, touching, embracing, intertwined. This is not surprising, as I realized some time ago that almost all my images of couples have this in common. What was surprising was how much I downplayed the nudity in the images; usually I have obvious nudity present in my couple photos, and while no-one could argue that Trav or Miranda were clothed in these photos, they do not have the same openness that my other work does. This not a problem, but does intrigue me. As I continue to explore this facet of my work, I'll keep this session in mind, and see where things take me next.

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