May 02, 1999

Ingrid Modeling in the Early Spring (Riverlake, Nova Scotia)

6x7 cm film
This session was the second time I'd worked by Riverlake, and the familiarity with the terrain paid off. To begin with, I worked with Ingrid lit by the afternoon light on small glacial erratics, generating strongly side-lit images which provide a powerful description of form.
4"x5" film
After finishing up with the woodland setting, we ended up wandering down an abandoned rail line, exploring another obsolete rail bridge in hopes of expanding upon the earlier bridge nudes we did in April. Under any other circumstances, working under this kind of trestle would have been impractical, due to the low light levels, but at the particular time of day we were at the bridge, the sun was beginning to set, and the reflection off the water illuminated under the bridge in a soft, indirect manner. As enthusiastic as I was over the lighting and not being at all deterred by the high setting, Ingrid climbed up under the bridge, and modelled within the space as best she could.
4"x5" film
The final images did use a wide angle lens and was made as Ingrid was swinging on the rope she used to climb down from the bridge. The strong side lighting combined with the far side of the bridge being in shadow made for a very dramatic image.

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