April 11, 1999

Two Models on Rocks (Herring Cove, Nova Scotia)

4"x5" film
After doing so much work indoors over the previous three months, it is an incredible pleasure to be able to work outdoors again. On this particular Sunday, another photographer, two models and I set out for the rocky shoreline at the entrance to Herring Cove, a small community just outside of metropolitan Halifax.

Much of my early work with the nude outdoors was produced along the Nova Scotia shoreline, and it is always a pleasure to return to this landscape. It is so rich in spaces to fit a model, and it has an almost inexhaustible variety of possibilities from session to session. Though I'd never worked with the Herring Cove rocks before, they were identical to almost all the other shore-lines I've worked with in Nova Scotia.
6x12 cm transparency film
The familiarity with the landscape is a double-edged sword, making it easier to create images, but harder to make new and fresh ones. It is something that I try hard not to think about when I compose and create images - fear of repeating myself could lead to the rejection of a stronger image, and if I happen to make two very similar images, no loss, I just select the better of the two, and count the other as "close".

During this session, I spent most of the time working with Trisha, who'd modeled a month before. Once I found a space to work it, I spent some time showing Trisha what I was looking for, either explaining the pose, or occasionally, physically showing her myself. This was only the third time that Trisha had modeled for me, but I really think the images are getting stronger, with Trisha's understanding of my goals becoming a little clearer, and the rapport between us growing.
4"x"5 film
In the end, the session was drawn to a close due to the temperature dropping in the late afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the rocky shoreline, and am very pleased with the results. The process of working this early in the year is a compromise on all fronts, but given the restrictions, I am pleased with the outcome, and feel very optimistic for the work that will be produced in the coming months, once it is warmer.

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