August 20, 1997

Nude in the Woods (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

6x12 cm film
Another session in the forest - this time with a bit of rain thrown in for flavour. After sitting and chatting in a car as it drizzled for ten minutes, the weather finally settled down to a gentle threat, and the model, Helen and I began to explore the setting. Shortly after the rain, a ray of sun found us, and I whipped off a few infrared images. Sadly, it was one of the few times we would see the sun that afternoon.
35mm infrared film
After the session with Aeyla two weeks before, I felt a little more settled with working in the woods, and after moving from the clearing where we sat out the rain back into the wood proper, the work which was destined to be made showed itself.
4"x5" film
One of the biggest revelations that I have made this summer is how images are revealed to me, as opposed to made by me.  I now go through a very different process when I photograph; where before I fretted about "not being able to get a good photo", I now simply walk and wait for the images to find me. It is not something easy to describe, but it works, and has propelled my images to a place they could not have attained without this realization. I am not sure if the change is evident in the images, but I know it shows in how I approach the work. This summer has been the most challenging yet, on more levels that I can comprehend - it will take a long time before I fully understand what has happened, and incorporate it fully into my work as a whole.

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