July 11, 1997

Aeyla's First Session (Chebucto Head, Nova Scotia)

4"x5" film
The origin of this session was one of the most unexpected ever; I was at an open house at Collideascope Digital (the the company that hosts my website), when someone looking at my work (in a relatively crowded room) asked "Who in Nova Scotia is crazy enough to pose Nude". Not a second later, without hesitation, a voice beside me said "I'd do that.." - and a week later, Aeyla  and I had driven to the coast, and began to work together.

The above image, made in the first fifteen minutes of the session (and in the first 15 minutes of Aeyla's experience with modeling nude) was included in Portfolio XV.
6x12cm film

Much of the session was spent working on the rocks and shoreline at Chebucto Head; the hard direct sunlight made it challenging to work with some poses, but those that did work (generally with the body orientated towards the sky) were really pleasing.
4"x5" film

The final set of images for the session were made within an old search-light emplacement; it created a frame in which to place Aeyla , looking with an implied longing at the ocean around her.

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