July 30, 2020

A Gray Evening on the Coast

As this strange summer continues (thanks COVID-19), the work with Hailey & Ingrid just keeps getting stronger.While this day in Halifax was sunny and stupid hot, when we arrived at the coast, it was overcast, and threatening rain and/or fog. Never one to pass on beautiful, soft light, we set out to the rocks at the edge of the coast, and started to work.

Digital original, 4 image blend

The first set of images were made on a low rock shelf which occasionally saw waves break over it; the space looked like it would work well with a long shutter speed to blur the water. Both Hailey and Ingrid felt that there wasn't significant risk to posing the location, and quickly found a pose that was both secure, and looked good. The discussion of risk is a big focus of these sessions, as working as we are in the ocean (as opposed to beside it, which has been the focus of my work with the ocean prior to this new direction). In the end, even with a couple of wave completely breaking over the models, they never moved significantly, and ended up laughing more than anything. The careful combination of four separate images provided the ideal blend of the models, and power of the ocean around them.

Digital original

As we moved down the shore, we came across a lovely outcrop of rock, set above the surging ocean. Hailey, then Ingrid explored the space, and a number of images were made, but one of the strongest is the above image of Ingrid. I debated over her placement, in regards to the horizon (I actually photographed it both ways), but in the end, the composition with her breaking the horizon line felt more balanced.

Digital original, 3 image exposure blend

After finishing thee image with Ingrid, I asked Hailey if she'd like to see what the two of them could find - and the above was made. Shortly after making the image, it started spitting rain. For a couple of minutes, the three of us sheltered in the lee of a perfectly positioned rock, until it became clear that rain was not indeed going to happen...it was during this break that it was mentioned that this might be the first session in years to be exclusively in colour...so when we emerged from behind the rock, my mind was alive with the idea of finding a space that would work well in infrared.

Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch

As luck had it, at the exact same time, a thick band of fog rolled in, providing soft, even light over the entire coastline. Looking for a last spot to work with revealed a lovely angular line on a low rock face, and within minutes, both models were posing on the rock, with Hailey fitting into the line of the rock, below a reclining Ingrid. The soft directional light of the fog played out beautifully in infrared, and broke the colour trend of the session, right before it came to a close due to the dying of the light.

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