October 06, 2018

Fall Colours Field Trip #1 (Frog Pond, Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
I do not usually respond to colours in photography, but in this case, it was impossible to miss the shockingly red tree. A 15 second-long exposure gave an interesting shimmer to the water, which balances the image well.
Digital original
As soon as I saw this old weathered tree branch, I knew I had to make an image of it. My initial response was in black and white, but I find myself returning time and time again to the colour version, so that is what I am showing here!
Digital original
The final image set I made during this field trip was of the stream flowing out of the frog pond and down to the North West Arm. In numerous places it runs over submerged rocks, which in turn shape the reflections in the water's surface - as the above image shows.

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