September 05, 2018

Carol & Ingrid in the ocean (Long Beach, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
This session was another chance for Carol to try posing working in water, and another opportunity for Ingrid and I to work in one of my favourite locations. The session began with Carol modeling in a small tidal pool - the retreating tide was still breaking over the rock around the pool from time to time, but a long shutter speed evened out any issues that caused, leaving the water around Carol still as glass, and turning the churning sea behind her into a softer, almost mist-like scene.
Digital infrared original
After working with Carol for a time, I shifted to photographing Ingrid (allowing Carol to get dressed and warm up. Our first image set focused on Ingrid posing mostly out of the water, making the most of a beautiful sky and the ultra-wide lens to give the image drama.
Digital infrared original, 2 image stitch
My favourite image of the session is the above, using infrared light to create a lovely luminous feel to the seaweed below Ingrid, and a long exposure to smooth out the water as it broke over the rock on the far side of Ingrid. The two-frame stitch permitted me to complete the composition on the bottom left side without wasting any of the image in a crop.
Digital original
The final image (above) was made during the walk back to the car. The evening light was being diffused by high clouds, and the delicate radiation pattern in the sand around the rock was just beautiful, so I coulnd't resist making this image.

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