August 05, 2017

2017 Natal Day Fireworks (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original.
After the near-perfect night of the Sunday Tall Ships fireworks, the Halifax Natal Day fireworks were threatened by low-lying cloud and impending rain. Never the less, they went ahead on schedule. With a very different vantage point (from the roof of our apartment building), I photographed these with the same refocusing technique I'd use with previous firework displays.
Digital original
Overall, the low-lying cloud caused some issues with the photography - several of the large bursts were 1/2 hidden by the clouds, and with my distant vantage point, the low-bursting fireworks were partially obscured by smoke.
Digital original
In the end, I added 6 or so new firework images to my collection; an interesting realization is how different the JPEG files I am posting here look from the original in Lightroom - even after a severe lightening of the shadows, the images posted here look harsh and murky...making me thing I will have to print and exhibit these sometime, to realize the full potential of the images.

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