October 09, 2015

Three Women in Silks! (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
This session was a real anomaly for me; after a recent session, I was discussing things with a model when she mentioned wanting photos of her performing with silks; always happy to help a model out with photo related things, I offered to make some photos...and after several weeks of planning, she and two of her friends met me at the silks studio, and we got under way.
Digital original
Fortunately, the studio was large enough for me to set up lighting, so I could use studio flash to light the performers; the back wall was mostly black, so it only took a small amount of post production to take the background down to almost black.
Digital original
I really enjoyed working with the silks performers; I couldn't help but see the potential in the medium for fine art nudes, but it is so far out of my regular approach and focus that it is likely never to be pursued. It was fun to do none-the-less!

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