November 07, 2014

St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

I spent part of this afternoon photographing with a student inside St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica; the main focus for the session was helping her gain control over her exposures, and assisting her in finding compositions within such a visually rich environment.
Digital original, 7 frame exposure blend, 2 frame stitch
As the student worked, and experimented, I moved between her camera and mine, and made a handful of compositions of the space; I had never been in the building before, but as it was built as during the Gothic Revival period, the overall structure was incredibly familiar.
Digital original, 5 frame exposure blend
The last image was the one I'd planned to made from first walking into the Basilica; the ceiling. As usual, it took a good ten minutes to get the camera aligned, but using test images, made at 6400 ISO, I was able to find the exact centre of the nave, and get the ceiling perfectly aligned
Digital original

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