May 29, 2014

A Spring Session with Ingrid (South Shore, Nova Scotia)

I selected this location because I knew that the piles of rocks would give Ingrid something to pose with, while the afternoon light would still provide enough contrast to separate her from the surroundings.
Digital infrared original, three frame stitch.
Shooting towards the sun isn't always easy, but with careful shading of the lens with my hat (the 17mm lens is too wide for a lens hood), I prevented lens flare, and managed to make an image with both Ingrid and the surrounding trees back lit.
Digital infrared original, three frame stitch.
For this image, to get the dramatic angle of view from the base of the rock to the sky I stitched together three frames made with the 17mm TS/E lens, shifting it fully up and down to get the widest angle possible (equal to 8.5mm from the top of the frame to the bottom).

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