November 16, 2013

Fort George Details (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

I have always loved these alcoves, drawn to the contrast between the soft shadows on the curve, and the hard edge of the wall. Using a tilf-shift lens, I have the camera even with the top of the alcove, and have dropped the lens, to exagerate the perspective of the floor.
Digital original
Even through they are almost 150 years old, the 7" RML guns at the Citadel are in amazing shape, and provide a beautiful subject to work with.
Digital original
This whole session was flavoured by the long lens I was using (a Sigma 120-400mm); I am not completely sold on lenses this long, as I find it harder to relate to the subject from the distances it forces upon the process. All the same, images like this, abstracting the side of the RML into repeating shapes, couldn't be realized with another lens.

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