July 06, 2013

A Waterfront Walk (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original, two frame stitch
This evening was spent walking along the Halifax waterfront, waiting for the sun to set (at which point a Night Photography field trip would commence. As I walked out Purdy's wharf, I was greeted by a lovely evening sky, stretching out across the harbour.
Digital original, four frame exposure blend
The evening sky was a perfect backdrop for an image of the Purdy's Wharf office complex; as the sun was setting behind it, a careful exposure blend was necessary to capture all the detail in the sky, and in the building itself.
Digital original, 4 frame stitch
The last images of the day were actually made after sunset, when the sky was turning a rich deep bue. My 17mm lens wasn't wide enough to capture the dramatic vista above me, so I had to stitch the final image together from four separate exposures (giving an angle of view closer to 12mm or so).

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