November 03, 2012

A Visit to Yarmouth (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
When I arrived in Yarmouth, I came across this leaf within a green-house; being early November, the shock of green and yellow caught my eye, and approached with a macro lens, I was able to throw the clutter surroundings out of focus, and bring the attention to where it should be!
Digital original
On the beach west of Yarmouth, I spent some time experimenting with wave panning - using a longer shutter speed, and moving the camera with a wave, to create an interesting mix of camera and subject motion. The results were not very consistent, but when the process worked, it was magical, so it is certainly something I will continue to explore.
Digital original
The last images of the day were made on the Yarmouth fisherman's wharf, though from the above image it's hard to know where I was. Though I made images of the boats, wharf and associated detritus, it was the side of this shed, and the formal quality of the scene that really caught my eye.

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