October 06, 2012

A Field Trip to the Dingle (Haalifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
A double-edged sword of teaching photography is that one ends up going to the same places for field trips time and time again. The down side of this is that, in repetition comes over familiarity - that which is interesting and engaging the first couple of times is simply overlooked at later periods. On the flip side, when faced with "nothing to photograph", I tend to fall back to practicing composition -simply making visual design with the world around me. This image of the door of the Dingle Tower is a great example of this.
Digital original
The other easy thing to do when at a loss for things to photograph, is fall back on macro; everything is different when close up, and often the familiar and mundae becomes engaging...the brass stud in this door for example changes completely when viewed close.
Digital original
An image like this always serves two purposes; on the immediate level, it is a really pleasing image of a rusty pole, but it also gets the "textures" keyword, which means it likely will appear in a digital composite image...someday.

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