July 19, 2012

Stephanie Poses in a River (Ingramport River, Nova Scotia)

It has been well over a year since my last session with Stephanie, and given that she originally got in touch out of an interest in modeling in water, and given that we’d never done such a thing, I suggested we might give it a go, given how warm the weather has been lately.
Digital original
 The night we set out to work on was lovely and warm, and the water was perfect - for most of the session, Stephanie was warmer in the water, rather than out of it! There were a number of good images that came out of the 90 minutes we worked together, but this one really caught my eye, due to the interplay between the body and the water, and the reflection of the evening sky.
Digital original
I have always loved how water grass looks when long exposures are used, but much of my work with it to date has been in black and white or infrared. With this image, I worked hard to keep the reflection of the sky off the grasses around Stephanie, so the green would play a major role in the final composition.
Digital infrared original
The final images of this session were spent working with the infrared camera out in the faster moving part of the river; by this point, Stephanie was getting a little chilled, so most of the images had her body out of the water, and we worked around trailing arms and legs blending her body into the river around her.

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