March 22, 2012

An Early Coastal Barrens Session (Polly Cove, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
Whenever I can, I seek to make portraits of the people I photograph; while A_ and I spent the first part of the day working in a forest, I never found a setting that worked for portraiture, but as soon as we arrived on the glacial barrens, I immediately asked her to stand in the shade of a large erratic, and made a series of portraits.
Digital infrared original, three frame stitch
This is by far my favourite image from this session; it takes full advantage of the strong angular March light, and A_'s pose is a perfect for the setting. The infrared camera really pushed the image to the next level, with the model's luminous skin against the dark rock, below the dramatic sky. I was really happy that we could realize such a striking photograph on her first day of figure modeling.
I really enjoy documentary images such as this; without it, it'd be hard to understand how close I was to A_ as she posed on the rock - with the 17mm tilt-shift, I often am incredibly close to my subjects, but am able to make images that are full of space.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
The last images of the session were of L_ lying on the bedrock, overlooked by glacial erratics; again I was enthralled with the low angular light, and thoroughly enjoyed how deep and dramatic the sky above her went in infrared.

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