July 01, 2011

The Lake District

Digital original
This morning was spent in Keswick, stocking up on road supplied, and doing a little photography while walking around. I made a dozen or so compositions of this spiral stairway, enjoying being able to see the skeletal structure integral to one of my favorite architectural features to photograph.
Digital original
The high rolling hills that surround the lake district are wonderful to photograph, especially later in the day when shadows start to lengthen, and provide some depth to the landscape.
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
The only specific destination in the Lake District during this trip was Castlerigg Stone Circle. With panoramic views and the mountains of Helvellyn and High Seat as a backdrop, Castlerigg is one of the most dramatic of the stone circles I have visited. It is also one of the oldest, raised in about 3000 BC during the Neolithic period.

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