November 11, 2010

A Vampire Bat Skull

Digital original, 9 frame focus blend
A while ago, I bought some skeletons and skulls online, for a photography project. That idea went nowhere, but recently, another digital concept has caught my interest, so I have returned to photographing the skulls. This time however, I was using a very different technique - lighting them with miniature soft-boxes illuminated by LED lights, and using focus stacking to achieve the sharpest, most detailed results.
Digital original, 20 frame focus blend
This image took a lot of careful camera work to make - it took three attempts before I got the spacing for the focus stacking right (if the difference between focus points is too great, there will be noticeable out-of-focus sections, which is very fake-looking). Now all I need is time to finish up the digital composites these are part of!

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