September 16, 2010

Ingrid & Denise in a Pool

Digital original
This was my second session experimenting with underwater nudes (the first session had been in a much shallower pool), and this session provided even more experience to begin planning with. As the last pool proved to be too shallow, I set about finding a deeper in-ground pool I could borrow, and through a fellow photographer, located one an hour outside of Halifax. As it turned out, a long-term model Denise (who's first figure session with me twenty-one years ago,  in 1989) was also available and keen to pose in the pool, so with two models, I headed out to the pool
Digital original
Working in the deeper pool was fabulous, in regards to pose possibility, and creating the sense of figures floating, but it was a greater challenge for me, on the photography side, as I had to dive deeper before photographing, and only had a short window before I had to surface to breathe. Very quickly this became the limiting factor for the session (though the images the two models helped me make were really pleasing).
Digital original
In the end, more than anything, this session helped me realize exactly how challenging my initial idea is going to be to realize; I am now mulling over options, including building a water-tight camera housing, and operating the camera remotely from poolside (using an external monitor to compose, and remotely capturing the images. It is going to take some time to work out the process, but the few images I made over these two experimental sessions have caught my interest, for certain.

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