March 07, 2010

Infrared at the Coast (Polly's Cove, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
This would have been a perfect day to work with a model, but as none was available, I headed to the coast all the same, to see what images could be made. I am not usually enraged by landscape, but given that the glacial barrens are my favorite place in Nova Scotia, it is easier to work with landscape here than anywhere else.
Digital original
The fact that the day turned out to be so lovely, with a bright blue sky and light, fast moving clouds made the afternoon perfect for working with infrared - the blue sky turned deep black, which in turn set off the wispy clouds (many of which are actually con-trails from planes heading to Europe). I would have preferred to be working with a model on such a day, but the above images make the most of the resources that were present at the time!

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