January 18, 2009

Elissa's First Session

Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
When a new model is comfortable being identified in my images, I always start a first session with portraits, and in the case of an indoor session, the portrait typically remains the primary focus for the entire session. In this case, Elissa learned of my work through a mutual friend, and was more than comfortable being recognizable, so the above image was one of the first photographs we made together.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
This entire image revolves around the beautiful curve of Elissa’s hair, which frames her face perfectly. For an image from a model’s first session, it has a very strong sense of comfort and poise, which bodes well for future images, yet to be made!
Digital infrared original
The entire session was spent working with natural light, flooding into my apartment through a pair of large windows; white sheers diffused the light and provided a large, even light-source. The last images of the session were of Elissa lying upon the futon below the large windows.

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