March 31, 2008

Ingrid Returns to the Frozen River

Digital original, 19 frame stitch
Shortly after our first session experimenting with winter nudes, Ingrid and I returned to Dawson Brook to try to build on the earlier images. This time, rather than spending all our time and energy getting to the bottom of the falls, we decided to stay at the top, and work with the brook itself.

This image has a much more traditional approach than the results from our first session. While the pose looks cold, Ingrid is actually lying on her clothes, and not directly upon the ice.
Digital original
Part of the question of this new direction is "what should Winter nudes look like?"; while my first inclination was to work with water and ice, there's no denying that the above image, of snow covered moss, speaks of winter just as well.
Digital original, 38 frame stitch
The final images of the session were made at the very bottom of the falls, looking up stream at the show and ice that line the river. After I made the stock images of the setting (six rows of 6 frames each), Ingrid experimented with a number of different poses in several spaces along side of the river. With the distance, and the noise of the river, it was challenging to communicate, but somehow we managed to get things done.

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