July 11, 2007

Ingrid in the Fog

As frequent as fog is in Nova Scotia, I have seldom had the chance to work with it, and models. Too often fog is accompanied by a chill in the air which is decidedly unpleasant to be Nude in. In this case however, the fog was unusually warm, and Ingrid and I spent a good hour working along the coast, exploring the possibilities of a landscape that seems to go on forever.
Digital infrared original, 6 frame stitch
Many of the photographs we made together were of wide vistas, with the landscape disappearing into the fog. The above image, with an interesting casual feel to Ingrid's pose, is particularly pleasing.
Digital original
One unexpected element the fog leant to the session was how soft and delicate the colours of the rocks became - they almost perfectly matched Ingrid's skin tone.
Digital original
I am quite used to using skies in my compositions, but was frequently at a loss as to how to deal with the flat even white of the foggy surroundings. In the end, I just stopped trying to make the sky worked, and paid more attention to the foreground, and Ingrid's place in it.

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