April 21, 2007

Fort Geroge

Digital original
My earliest focus when I began seriously exploring photography creatively was the Halifax Defence complex; at the heart of this is Fort George (the Citadel) - ironically, it was the least photographed part of the complex in those early days, mainly because it is also a major tourist site.
Digital original
Made while leading a class field trip to the fort, I was less interested in telling the story of the space as a whole, as was the focus in my early work with the structure, and more interested in the little details, like the studs on the large wooden doors. Fortunately the surface under the glossy black paint was rough, or else the reflection would be much more distracting.
Digital original, 2 frame stitch
The above image, of the wall surrounding the magazine on the south side of the fort, is probably my favorite single element of the fort, and a space I continually return to photographically.

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