March 03, 2006

Naked in the House

The culmination of the Naked in the House event was the exhibition of the 36 photographs produced by the 12 photographers, and the selection of the three top photographs. Scheduled a little more than 100 days after the photographs were made, the exhibition was the first chance for any of the photographers to view the work produced by the other competitors during the event.
After spending the morning working with Colleen, I wandered about downtown Toronto, eventually finding my way to "This is London", the venue where the exhibition and award ceremony would be held. The treat of arriving early was being able to see the exhibition without the inevitable press of people, who would flood the place once the doors opened to the public.

The 36 images were displayed in sets of three, each set representing the images of one photographer. The display method, hanging them on large sheets of transparent plastic mounted in metal frames worked wonderfully, always permitting the viewer to get a sense of the room beyond while being able to easily focus on the images themselves.

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