October 21, 2005

Alexandra & Liam I

Alexandra has known of my work for several years, mainly through her friendship with L_, but it was only this fall that she got in touch and asked about the possibility of working with me. After some e-mail conversation, we made plans to work together the next time I was in Halifax - as is often the case, we both would have preferred to be able to work outdoors, but the cool weather precluded this, so instead, we went to a friend's studio (thanks again, Sue) to work for the afternoon.
Digital infrared original, 5 frame stitch
When we'd first discussed the possibilities, all the conversation revolved around just Alexandra modeling, but, as the e-mails went back and forth, she mentioned that her partner Liam might also be interested in modeling and the plans quickly evolved into a two model session. This, combined with the fact we'd be working indoors, changed a compromise (working indoors as opposed to out) into an ideal situation (working with a couple in the studio).

I began the session with some images of Alexandra alone, as we had initially planned on the session focusing on just her. Unlike most of the studios I have used over the years, this one had a seamless white paper backdrop, which I decided to use, as opposed to opting for my more usual approach of draped white sheets. This made the images look a little more stylized than usual, but also focused the eye more on the subject, rather than the surroundings. All through the session, I alternated between the seamless white and a black backdrop, varying it somewhat randomly, to inject some variation into the images.
Digital infrared original, 10 frame stitch
Once I had made a small series of standing and portrait images of Alexandra, I invited Liam into the spotlight beside her, and shifted the session to focus on the two models together. Both Alexandra and Liam proved to be very comfortable in front of the camera, and the rest of the session focused on the two of them, beginning with standing embraces, and closing the session with the two of them down lying on the white sheets against a white backdrop.
Digital infrared original
As seems to always happen, working with the two models was a stark contrast to working with Alexandra alone. The two models had a physical comfort with each other which was immediately evident, and more often than not, after giving a suggestion for a pose or modeling position, the two
models would shift it subtly, and reveal an altogether stronger result. Much of the session was spent simply recording what unfolded before me, as opposed to struggling to create a pose which came together with the lighting to create a successful image.

The session came to a close when we ran out of time, as opposed to ideas or possibilities.

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