May 08, 2005

Three Models in the Studio

The original plan for this afternoon was to head to the countryside with Natasha and work in the landscape for the remaining light of the day. As things turned out though, the rain precluded that plan, so after some quick phone calls, and a somewhat hurried lunch, Natasha joined Ashley, Miles and I in the studio for an impromptu three-model session.
Digital original
I've worked in the studio with three models in the past (the most notable time being the "Three Graces" session in 2002), but each time it has been a planned session, with some foresight put into the possibilities and direction of the sessions. For this session, given that Ashley and Miles had only modeled together for the first time hours earlier, and Natasha had never met either of the others before lunchtime, it was a little more awkward at the beginning. Fortunately, I'd left the studio set up from the earlier session, so we could begin where the comfort seemed to be the highest, with the models simply lying comfortably on the backdrop.
Digital original
For the remainder of the session, I alternated between the various combinations and permutations possible with three models (1+2+3, 1+2, 1+3, 2+3), often working with very similar poses with alternating models, to make the most of the possibilities. To a degree, it was harder to work with the two women and Miles together than with any other combination, as it was a little difficult to keep the images from looking too hedonistic, but with careful attention, and a focus on a more stylistic approach, the results were very pleasing.
Digital original
In the end, for all that the day was cold and wet, with the help of the enthusiastic models I was able to make some very striking images. For all that I was hyper-aware of the potential issues of placing two, and then three models, in such a personal and intimate setting, the day's sessions couldn't

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