April 30, 2005

A First Session for Carol's Second Pregnancy

Carol's first pregnancy was also the first time I was able to document an entire pregnancy, from start to finish, resulting in a couple of image collections (here and here) which chronicle the entire pregnancy. So when Carol let me know she was pregnant again, I didn't expect the invitation to document the second baby as well, but it was thrilled when it was made! Carol wished to have a similar series of images, and wished to began as soon as the next time I visited Halifax.
Digital original
Like the first series, we planned the images around a couple of poses we hope to recreate throughout the pregnancy. It was tempting to simply reuse the stairway pose we'd used in the first pregnancy, but I didn't want to series to simply be a second version of the initial set, so instead, we decided to work with the couch in her living room, following a couple of poses there that should nicely describe the progress of her baby's growth as her term progresses.
Digital infrared original
The real treasure of this second pregnancy for both Carol and I is that I expect to be back living in Halifax before her due day, which should give us some opportunity for outdoor images before the baby is born. With the first pregnancy, while I was able to make it down to Halifax to do one outdoor session several weeks before her baby was born, the day was quite wet and cool, forcing us to cut the session short, and work in a less than ideal setting. This time, I hope we'll be able to get out and work in a more bucolic setting, better suited to such a magical time in a woman's life.

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