November 06, 2004

Kylie Poses Indoors

The last time Kylie and I worked together was at the beginning of July at which time it was warm enough to model in water. For this session, however, we were limited to working indoors, so we met up at her house and began exploring the possibilities it presented.
Digital original
The first space we worked in was by far the most engaging - one of the bedrooms has an tropical canopy over the bed made of a fine net mesh which had a wonderful texture when it overlapped and overlaid itself. The whole net, cascading down from a ceiling right, looked wonderful, but wasn't possible to work with, due to a rather obvious wall-paper scheme on the surrounding walls (I tried to make images of the whole thing, hoping to be able to digitally retouch out the wallpaper, but the task turned out to be too time consuming). In the end, the most striking photographs turned out to be the net flowing down and over Kylie's body - the added layer of visual complexity reminded me of the Simulacra images, where one can look and the body, or the reflection - here, there is the body, and the net texture overlaying it.
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Once we had exhausted the possibilities of the tropical netting, we moved to working in the hallway outside the bedroom. Initially, I thought the space had little potential but as Kylie worked with the lines of the stairway railing and walls, I started to be drawn into the space. Normally, I don't have much of a reaction to architectural spaces which aren't ruins, but the clean, stark lines of the walls and railing worked nicely with the delicate light.
Digital original
We finished up the session working on the main floor of the house, with Kylie lying on some comfy couches and padded chairs. A number of these compositions were fullbody, but by far my favourite were a number of closer portrait images, where I look advantage of the lovely quality of the light, as opposed to the setting or pose.

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