February 02, 2004

Miranda in Morning Light

I am always surprised at how successful short sessions can be; in the past I have had sessions that lasted no more than 30 minutes yet yielded very striking images. With this session, squished in between waking up and driving to Fredericton, I was very keen to make the most of Miranda's time while she was visiting and even more enthusiastic about being able to work with available light after so many sessions using the studio flash which, while it is a good response to the reality of living and working in Canada, is not natural light which I have a strong affinity for, and by far prefer to use when I can.
Digital original, 12 frame stitch
Because so many of my recent sessions have been working with models on the white sheets, I decided to change the approach a little and, as opposed to having Miranda on the sheets, I asked her to work as if she was emerging from them. In some ways this is related to much older work of mine, with Lisa in Maine, but where those images were "genuine" (Lisa was chilled from working outdoors, and was huddled under the sheets to keep warm), this session was using the sheets as an aesthetic and compositional device. We didn't have much time, so we worked with a single basic pose, and I explored the possibilities of various compositions and variations.

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