January 02, 2003

A Second New Year's Session

6x7 cm film
The second half of the afternoon was spent working with Krista and her partner, Greg. The winter afternoon's light was fading, but the opportunity to work with a couple was not to be passed up, so I changed to higher speed film and set about seeing what would come to pass.
6x7 cm film
Usually I avoid high-speed films, preferring the more delicate tonality of fine-grained, slow speed films. That being said, I still would rather make the images that need making then refuse to photograph with high-speed film, which is coarser and less detailed then I prefer. If I'd had the choice, I would have loved to have worked with my preferred slow-speed films, and captured the details I am used to realizing, but the light being what it was, I reached into the camera back, and brought out the Delta 3200 (in 120 format).
6x7 cm film
Though Greg had never modeled nude before (let alone met me previously), the session went well - I have always held that indoor sessions with couples generate their own energy, and it was certainly true of this afternoon. While I wasn't familiar with Greg, my previous work with Krista laid the groundwork for a level of comfort with her that was picked up by Greg and which flowed through the images of the session.

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