September 01, 2002

Miranda at the Coast

6x7 cm film
This afternoon was one of the most relaxed, low key photo sessions I have ever had; a total of five people headed to the coast for the afternoon, two photographers (Lymari and myself), a model (Miranda), a fiddler (Anthony) and a visiting friend of the model. The main purpose of the session was less for me to to make images, and more to coach another photographer through the process of working with a model, both by example, and through simply letting her explore her own vision.
8"x10" film
We arrived at Long Beach to find it quite windy; this didn't preclude Miranda modeling nude, as the wind was warm enough, but it did make working with the 8"x10" view camera a little impractical. I did make a couple of images at the beginning of the session of Miranda on a rock overlooking the sea, but I found it quite hard to compose the image and keep the focusing cloth from flying away.
4"x10" film
Most of the rest of the afternoon was spent working with Lymari on her photography, occasionally making images with either infra-red film (on a 35mm camera) or with the 8"x10" Toyo. It was a very different way of working, making images when they happened during Lymari's work, but the pace was relaxing, and lead to a number of striking images.

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