June 24, 2002

A Second Cool Session with Miranda by the Sea (Polly's Cove, Nova Scotia)

The second session with Miranda suffered from one of the same issues as the first - chill air. I had hoped the day would be as warm as the previous one, and it was inland, but by the ocean (where both Miranda and I wanted to work) the fog put a chill in the air that was decidedly unpleasant.
6x7 cm film
As opposed to working in the parts of Prospect which I know best (those would be the parts closest to where the car gets parked), we decided to head cross country, until we hit new ground. I've used this approach in the past with Claire, to great results, so I had no trepidation in doing it again. When we finally moved out to the coast, as I'd hoped, the space had more then enough possibilities.
35mm infrared film
Because of the day's weather (cool and windy) I had opted to bring the smaller Mamiya RB and 35mm cameras as opposed to my 8"x10" Toyo - the large bellows of the view camera would have presented a significant problem in the high wind; it would have been very difficult to ensure that an image wasn't blurred by the wind shaking the camera. As I've worked so much with the 6x7 camera in the last couple of sessions, I had been looking forwards to having the chance to work with the 8"x10" camera, but that would have to wait.
35mm infrared film
The weather and camera helped shape the session; where I prefer to work slowly, letting the model find the pose and carefully refining the camera position, I had to opt for letting Miranda work out the pose clothed, and then quickly making the image once she disrobed, with only a little time spent refining the pose. This worked well enough, but definitely had a different flow from the normal - the images were still successful, but I do feel they would be subtly different if more time had been available to permit contemplation and revision.
35mm infrared film
Where the previous evening's session had been planned as a short session, I'd hoped to have spent most of the day working at the coast with Miranda. The weather however, conspired against us, and while Miranda was enthusiastic about working, the reality was that as the session progressed, she got colder and colder, and eventually, we brought the session to a close, finishing off the film in the cameras and heading home.

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