November 18, 2001

Victoria Dancing (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

On the first day I met Victoria, she was introduced to me as a dancer but in all our times working together, dance has only played a peripheral role in our images; Victoria has, from time to time, tried dance poses during a figure session but generally the dance and the modeling have remained separate.
35mm film
On this particular occasion, however, it was the dance that was the subject of the images. Victoria, and a friend of her, Jill, needed portfolio photos of their dancing, and I was more than happy to volunteer to do the job, though I'd never tried making dance photos before.
35mm film
Fortunately, the studio we had for the morning was full of light and this, combined with high-speed film (Ilford 3200 in black and white, and Fuji 800 in colour), made the process more then feasible. Working with the two dancers was quite a challenge for me as I am used to working with static subjects and, given that dance is all about movement, there were very few images that were totally static.
35mm film
After an hour of photographing, I'd learned a good number of things and made a number of successful images. The challenge of working with such a different subject was really enjoyable, and I hope to eventually return to work more with dancers, though first I have to overcome the issue of backdrops - more then half the successful images are marred by the pipes and radiators in the background.

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