May 25, 2001

R_ in Natural Light (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

35mm transparency film
While we had been hoping for a couple of warm, pleasant days, the first day arrived full of drizzle and rain. I had already planned to work with R_ in colour on the white sheets, and as I'd had success before working in a snow storm, I decided to see what would be possible. Because the light was so low, I had to work on tripod, which was a very different way to work.
6x9 cm film
Because I was already hampered in working the way I'd have preferred, I decided to push the envelope further, and in addition to working with a 35mm camera and close-framed images, I used the Fuji 6x9, and included more of the figure. On the whole, I was displeased with the 35mm work - the colour of the light just didn't work with what I was trying to do.
6x9 cm film
The 120 images, however, were surprising. The big limitation here was the simple fact that the Fuji has a wide angle lens (a 65mm, equal to a 28mm on a 35mm camera) which only focuses to 1m. This in some ways made the session easier, as I could only work so close, and frame so tightly. Some of the film I used was balanced for Tungsten light - the light was pretty cool already due to the overcast weather, and the blue balance of the film was even more emphasized. With the other images, I invariably preferred the over-exposed images, with their wonderfully warm skin tones, and brilliant white highlights.

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