August 27, 2000

Urbanscapes (Fall River, Massachusetts)

As much as forts are the focus of my architectural work, I do enjoy working with other subjects - they just have to engage my enthusiasm.
6x9 cm film
The old mill buildings that are scattered quite heavily through the New England landscapes are about as appealing to my aesthetic as you can get without being either dilapidated or of military origin. On the drive from Maine to the Boston area, I watched with delight as the landscape, marked by the increase of the old mill sites on the horizons of the town and small cities we drove through, became more and more industrialized.
6x9 cm film
I only had an hour or so to photograph the mills in Fall River - one of the joys of having a smaller camera like the Fuji 6x9 rangefinder is that it permits me to work quickly in a spontaneous manner, yet keep the image quality high. I like the simplicity of the design, and the flat nature of the buildings is reflected in the images I made - the act of pointing the camera at the brick faces of the buildings and simply clicking the shutter seemed not only appropriate, but desirable. The rich detail of the images is a pure delight to me.

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