July 31, 2000

Glacial Landscape (Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia)

6x9 cm film
This day was an unusual one for me - a day of casual photography, with no real purpose in mind, and yet containing the desire to create. Unlrich, an Alberta Portfolio patron from Europe was visiting Nova Scotia, and I offered to give him a small tour of part of the province. We selected Peggy's cove to visit - apart from being one of the biggest tourist attractions in Nova Scotia, it is also one of the most beautiful spaces (apart from all the tourists). So after driving out, we all spent a couple of hours roaming the rocks, making images, and enjoying the day.
6x9 cm film
The outcome of this day was interesting, on several levels. I worked only with the 6x9 rangefinder, preferring to work casually and quickly. As the day was bright and sunny, with a clear blue sky, I initially loaded the camera with transparency film, thinking the day called for colour images. Once I started working, however, almost all that attracted my eyes were monochrome images, so as soon as I was through the 8 colour images on the first roll, I reloaded with black and white, and finished the afternoon working with that medium. All that said, in some ways, the most successful images came from the single roll of colour - though the photos are best described as "pretty", they are more pleasing and visually stimulating than the best of the black and white, though there were successes there as well. So the only thing that bothers me now is the realization that a "pretty" picture holds my interest for very little time.

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