May 18, 2000

Jennifer's Second Session (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

The second session with Jennifer was quite different from the first; the initial question about a first-time model were answered, and instead of going into a studio with a large question-mark in my mind, I knew what would be the focus of the session, and what direction I wished to propel it.
4"x5" film
Given the strength of the portraits we had created during our initial sessions, I decided to continue building on these. The main focus was to be on nude portraits, concentrating on the beauty of Jennifer's face, and the powerful confidence of her eyes, looking directly into the camera.
4"x5" film
As we met at the studio in the early evening, available light wasn't an option, so I set up the studio flash. Because the window light at the end or the previous session with Jennifer had been so successful, I opted for a broad, even light-source as opposed to more directional light. This gave a smooth, even light to the images, not quite a high-key set-up (where there were no shadows), but certainly very appropriate for the images I was seeking.
4"x5" film
After making a number of "straight-forward" portraits, I changed the set-up, laying white cloth on the floor over cushions. I asked Jennifer to "flop" onto the floor, and make herself comfortable, and then proceeded to explore the possibilities her undirected pose provided. The results were striking; setting the camera at an odd angle, drawing from the pose as opposed to the horizon, gave the results an odd perspective. This, tied to the use of the focus controls on the view camera produced what I feel are strong companions to the already striking portraits of Jennifer made three weeks before.

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