April 25, 2000

Portraits of Staci (Halifax, Novaa Scotia)

4"x5" film
Staci works in the lab in the photo store where I work half-time and changes her hair-styles more often than most parents change their minds. Usually these hair-changes are subtle, one day the colour might be blue, the next green, but when she came into work sporting a Mohawk, I knew it had to be memorialized. I normally do little portrait work, but the possibilities of the new hair-cut was too enticing to pass up (not to mention the knowledge that the Mohawk might be gone in a day or a week).
4"x5" film
We began the session with pretty traditional images, which worked fine from a photographic perspective, but failed utterly to capture what I wanted to convey. Once we added Staci's skateboard to the session however, it all came together. Where before I was trying to fit something non-traditional into a traditional format, with only moderate success, once I added something more of Staci's world to the image, it all came together.
4"x5" film

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