February 19, 2000

Orono in the Snow (Orono, Maine)

I find it highly ironic that I had to travel south in the middle of winter to find snow, but as Nova Scotia is swiftly becoming the tropics of the North, it is true. While the winters in Nova Scotia can be bitterly cold, we frequently miss most of the snow.
6x9 cm transparency film
Though the trip to Maine was for other reasons, I did take advantage of the new surroundings to put a Fuji GSWIII 6x9 rangefinder through its paces. I plan to use this camera in a number of roles in my work, and though I've had it since the end of 1999, this was my first opportunity to use it outdoors. The camera has 65mm f5.6 lens on it (equal to a 28mm lens on a 35mm camera), and takes 8 images on a roll of 120 film. I plan to use the camera for Konica 120 Infrared film and colour transparencies.
6x9 cm transparency film
Working with the camera was a pleasure - the viewfinder is bright and accurate, and the controls well laid out. The film I used, Fuji Provia F, was wonderful too, providing rich vivid colours and very clean tones, even for the snow.

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