August 23, 1999

Joe Poses in a River (Ingramport, Nova Scotia)

6x6 cm transparency film
I had first worked with Joe in January, in the studio with Victoria, but due to the time of year, we didn't get the opportunity to work outdoors. Fortunately, Joe was visiting Halifax in the summer, and had time to work with me again. Joe is very familiar with my work, and when asked where he'd like to model, he immediately said, "water."  We promptly set off for the closest flowing water, the very same river where I'd begun working with water nudes in 1996.
4"x5" film
We began the session late in the day, well after the sun had gone behind the trees. Working at this time of day had three advantages: one, the light was softer and cooler, providing a strong contrast to Joe's tanned body; two, the diffused light made it easier to achieve the long exposure I like to work with when photographing the nude in water; and three, the cool air made the water seem warmer. An unexpected bonus to the light was a wonderful pink cast that came into the sky, delicately playing through the late images.
6x6 cm film
In the end, we ran out of light before ideas for poses. At the same time as the light dropped, Joe became too cold to be comfortable working in the water, bringing the session to a spontaneous close. The photos were a great success, however, with good images in black & white, and in colour. Working with two cameras helped clarify the different medias; I used colour for the most part in the Bronica and exposed black and white film exclusively on my 4x5.

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