February 01, 1998

Megan in the Shower (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

35mm transparency
After finishing with the candle-light session, Megan asked if there was anything else I'd be interested in doing. I'd never worked with a model in a shower before, so I asked if she'd be interested in experimenting with that - and fifteen minutes later, we were back to making images - this time, in a small bathroom.
35mm film
The shower was an interesting setting to work in after making the images by candle-light - both environments have a strong emotional connection to intimacy (though with a shower, there was also an overlay of privacy, and to be candid, at first I felt quite voyeuristic). Megan was really positive to the experiment, and when I realized I had to leave the bathroom door open (to keep the humidity down, so my camera lens didn't fog up), she laughed the sudden influx of cold air off, stating that it was more important that the photographs worked than that she was comfortable.
35mm film
In the end, the shower session only lasted minutes; I worked through three rolls of film (108 exposures), and was left with some really encouraging results. I particularly like the look of water on skin, and certainly will continue to work with shower Nudes in the future, should the opportunity present itself!

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