September 07, 1997

Two Models (Orr's Island, Maine)

4"x5" film
Orr's Island is a long narrow strip pushing out into the Atlantic, and from the road there's nothing but houses, houses and more houses, in a quasi-rural setting. But by the shoreline, it was a different story - it was incredible - long waves of sedimentary rock falling in broken steps to the sea. The rocks were so incredible that every image I made was in direct response to them alone - the two models placed in relation to the flow of the stone, or it's fractures. Though I often work with rocks, it is unusual for me to rely upon it for an entire session.
6x12 cm film
Some of the more evocative images from the session at Orr's island were the water nudes; less because they were successful (though this one was), and more because of how they would foreshadow later work in the rivers and tidal pools of Nova Scotia.
35mm infrared film

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