July 15, 1993

Denise Models in a Ruin (Spion Copp, Nova Scotia)

4"x5" film
For this session, in hopes of avoiding having to work in direct mid-day sun, Denise and I headed to some old World War II bunkers. The first set of images were made next to one of the open windows, using the reflection off the wall and floor to light Denise's back, and provide some modeling to what normally would have been a silhouette.
8"x10" film
As the afternoon moved on, we headed outside, moving through the woods from shady spot to shady sport; in the end we found a line or moss covered rocks the sloped down to the harbour, and presented a perfect location for a back-on image.
8"x10" film
More than almost any other image I have made, the above photograph speaks for itself. There is a simple beauty to the pose, and the soft directional light play up the beautiful line of the neck, shoulders and arm.

Denise first posed for me in 1989, and most recently posed in 2010. This image was included in 2003’s Portfolio XV.

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