August 22, 1992

A First Figure Session (Spion Copp, Nova Scotia)

35mm film
K_ approached me about modeling after seeing the work I'd done with a mutual friend; after meeting to talk the process over, we agreed on a date, and a week later, began our first session. I started the session with a simple portrait: K_ had stated to undress, and paused to ask a question; I liked her comfortable stance against the wall.
35mm film
I like the simple grace of this image; K_'s figure lit by the soft window ligh, and the non-descript surroundings of the Second World War fortification.
8"x10" film
The last images of the session were a series of large format photographs of K_ lying on the floor within the concrete building; it was only after processing them that I saw the faint writing on the wall "My Love for Ever"; for me, that shifted the image to be far darker and more sinister than I'd intended.

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