September 03, 2019

Ingrid and Esme at the Coast for Sunset (Atlantic Coast, Nova Scotia)

As soon  as the calendar turns to September, I begin to watch the weather, aware that the warm days and lovely evenings will eventually draw to a close. With this in mind, in Early September, Ingrid, Esme and I headed to the coast, and spent a lovely evening explore the landscape and light.

Digital infrared original

One of the first successes of the evening was a set of images I made of Esme on a rock, in front of a scrubby stand of trees. The evening sky had some lovely low clouds on the horizon, and I used a long lens with a large aperture to keep the background soft, and provide some distinct separation between Esme and her surroundings.

Digital infrared original

The passion that Ingrid and Emse have for working in water has been a huge influence in the work the they have helped me create over the past couple of years. The ocean on this evening was particularly calm, which made working with these seaweed covered rocks particularly easy - as the waves came in, water swept through the channel, and reinforced the flow of the bodies between the rocks.

Digital infrared original

As the evening progressed, the light became softer and softer, to the point where it lost almost all sense of direction. That helps give this image of Esme on a rocky outcrop a very strange feeling of timelessness. The sliver of dark horizon above her is less striking in the small online version, but if a full sized print, it is a hint of drama in an otherwise subdued image.

Digital original, five image exposure blend

The last images of the session fulfilled the real hope for the session - a sunset-focused photograph. Until moments before, I was feeling quite negative about the chances of getting some colour in the gray evening sky (and therefore was working with my infrared-camera) but in a split second, a red wash of light spread across the horizon, and sent me scrambling to change cameras. Fortunately it was near at hand, and Ingrid and Esme already had poses worked out, to permit me to make a handful of images before the sun disappeared for the day.

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