August 06, 2018

Carol, Hailey & Ingrid by the Ocean (Prospect, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
After the short and chilly first session for Hailey a month earlier, I was determined to facilitate a more typical (and warmer) session to really introduce her to what I do. After a couple of false starts blocked by poor weather or changing plans, things came together, and the same three models (Carol, Hailey and Ingrid) joined me at the coast for a lovely, warm evening of making images.
Digital infrared original
Though we worked for two full hours, the most magical portion of the session was a feverous fifteen minutes working with a lovely rock formation and pool I came across during the second half of the session. The near perfect black circle in the pale granite rock was incredibly striking, and I immediately knew I needed to make an image of it - with a model.
Digital infrared original
After finishing a small series of images with Hailey and the rock circle, I asked if the models would be up for working in the rock pool beyond it, and in moments, all three models were in the water, and getting by one I revised the poses they took, until all three came together. Then a few moments of held breath to still the water, and the 1.3 second exposure was made! By far my favorite image of the session.
Digital infrared original, 2 image blend, 3 image stitch
The final images of the session were made on a lovely set of water-smoothed rocks as the sun was moving towards the horizon. As the stones moved directly away from the camera, I asked each model to find a pose within the setting, planning to composite the final image together with the best of each model's poses. In the end, the poses had too many conflicts (bodies blocking other bodies) so the best outcome was of two Hailey's, posing minutes apart, and only meter's away

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